Naamkaran: Ashish bends down and....

In Star Plus Show Naamkaran Daya (Reema Laggoo) gets successful in manipulating Ashish's (Viraf Patel) decision of choosing Asha-Avni 
The forthcoming chapter of Naamkaran will show high voltage drama where Ashish has decided to remarry Asha.
Daya gets irked knowing about this and couldn't bear that her son Ashish is marrying a Muslim girl against her will.
Daya could not bear this and decides to play her trum card to stip Ashish and Asha's marriage.
Daya thus gets herself locked up in house and tries to burn herself ending life, tries to commit suicide.
Ashish bends before Daya 
Ashish comes to know about it and rushes to Mehra house, where Daya has locked herself inside the house.
Ashish takes risk and crosses terrace to reach to Daya, manages to save but Daya asks her to make choice first.
Ashish will thus bent before his mother and will leave Ashish and Avni for Daya.
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