Very Shocking Twist in Naamkaran

Avni shattered with Ashish's (Viraf Patel) false promises refuses to talk 

The upcoming episode of Naamkaran will show that Dayaben gets successful in her plan.

Dayaben gets Ashish and Neela engaged to each other, Ashish is going all under pressure.

Ashish is himself shattered to see that his mother betrayed him over accepting Asha and Avni.

Ashish and Neela's engagement will bring new twist in Asha and Avni 's life.

Avni upset with Ashish 

Avni is already sad as Ashish broke his promise and didn't come in Avni's sports day.

Ashish tries to apologize but can't tell his condition, Asha will be worried for Ashish finding him tensed.

Ashish will try to hide his engagement truth from Asha but she will soon find it.

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