Very Shocking Twist in Star Plus Naamkaran

In Star Plus Show  Naamkaran Ashish (Viraf Patel) goes against mother Daya for Asha (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) and Avni 
The forthcoming episode of Naamkaran will show high voltage drama where Daya stops Ashish from meeting Asha.

Ashish is stuck amid Daya and Asha, Ashish decides to revolt against his mother for Asha and Avni.
Asha & Avni are Ashish's family since last 11 years and he can't leave them and start his new life.
Ashish warns Daya from saying ill words against Asha and says that she may be from other religion but is a good girl.
Ashish choose Asha over Daya 

Daya has her own past hatred towards Asha's religion people and is not ready to accept her.
Ashish thus takes a drastic step to leave his mother Dayaben for Asha and Avni.
Ashish can't runaway from his responsibility of Asha and Avni, can't betray them.  

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