Brahmaakshas : Everybody gets shocked seeing......

In Zee Tv's Brahmarakhas Rishabh-Raina (Krystal Dsouza) saves life of village's kid from Brahmarakshas clutches

In the forthcoming chapter,  Zee Tv's Brahmarakshas kidnaps the kid of the village and everyone gets worried.

Rishabh & Raina decides to save kid's life from Brahmasrakshas.

So they go to save kid's life putting their life at risk.

Aprajita attack them when they come to save the kid.

Rishabh and Raina gets successful in saving the life of the kid.

Brahmarakshas & Aprajita starts fighting with each other

Aprajita try to kill Rishabh and Raina but just then Brahmasrakshas comes there.

Rishabha and Raina's life gets saved and then Brahmarakshas-Aprajita starts fighting with each other.

everybody gets shocked seeing two brahmarakshas.

It will be interesting to see that who will win in the fight amid Brahmarakshas and Aprajita.
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