Ishqbaaz : Rudra is shocked knowing this.....

 In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz  Rudra (Leenesh Matto) jealous knowing about Saumya (Neha Lakshmi Iyer) and Rehaan's alliance 

The forthcoming chapter of Ishqbaaz is going to show Rudra's mad avatar where he gets jealous knowing about Saumya's alliance.

Saumya was sitting alone in her room, Rudra comes to Saumya asks her about sadness.

Saumya reveals that her aayyi that is mother is coming to meet her, Rudra couldn't understand why is Saumya sad.

Saumya reveals that she is coming to fix her alliance with Rehaan and to talk to Rehaan's family about it.

Rudra and Saumya's love beginning 

Rudra is shocked knowing this, Rudra has some feelings for Saumya and couldn't bear it.

Rudra is jealous and can't see Saumya going away from him, Saumya is also not happy with alliance news.

Rudra thus takes a drastic decision and reveals to family about his and Saumya's mistaken marriage.

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