New Twist in Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Star Plus Yeh hai mohabbatein is going to bring some new twists and turns in the show.

In the approaching episode’s of Yeh hai Mohabbatein, Raman & ishita are going to return India with pihu. Shagun gives the custody of pihu to raman.

The whole family unites and raman – ishita’s family gets completed. In the Bhalla house, all the men decide to get freedom from their wives. Bhalla ladies grant a 24 hour day out for all the men. Ladies will make another plan and they invite Vidhyut sahay to the house.
They get dressed up to meet him which embarrasses the men.
As Per Source , ” Vidhyut invites all the bhalla boys to his home to enjoy. He serves them cool drinks and snacks. He also makes arrangements to go out. Then he receives a call from an unknown person.
He gets angry & shouts that he will sue her if she again calls him.
There is an obsessive fan of Vidhyut who tortures him and comes every place where ever he goes. Now she started blackmailing him that they both got married.
Vidhyut gets hyper and throws everything on the table which shocks raman and bhalla boys.
Who is this obsessive fan of vidhyut & what is her connection with raman & ishita’s life?
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