Divorce Drama In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz  Anika (Surbhi Chandna) rejects Shivaay's divorce paper, protects Shivaay from Tia's (Navina Bole) trap 

The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Tia attempts suicide creating much drama just to blackmail Shivaay.

Tia also forces Shivaay to marry her as she is pregnant with his child, Shivaay and Anika are shocked knowing this.

Tia thus challenges Anika that she can do anything to stop their marriage and will get defeated.

Anika takes up the challenge to expose Tia's fake pregnancy truth infront of Shivaay this ending her drama.

Shivaay in dilemma over Anika and Tia 

Shivaay is tensed over things happening in his life and thus asks Anika to sign divorce papers.

Anika can't let Shivaay go on wrong path and thus refuses to divorce him, Shivaay is shocked hearing this.

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