This is What Happened In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Ishqbaaz  ANika unites Om, Rudra and Shivaye.

Om says thank you to Anika for uniting them & welcomes her in Om-Ru moment.

Anika says that they look good together, she ask them to stay like this forever.

Shivaye does his work on laptop, Shivaye says that he wants to talk to her.

Shivaay try to say thank you to ANika but he is not able to speak, Anika says that I know you want to say thank you but you will not be able to say it.

Anika says that no need to say thank you, Shivaye says that he will say thank you.

Anika goes out of the room for sleeping, Anika goes to sleep.

Shivaye sees that she forgot the blanket in the room, he goes to give blanket to Anika.

Anika decides to find job for returning Shivaye's money

Anika makes Sahil ready for school, principal informs her that she cannot give admission to Sahil.

Principal tells that head Shivaye has said not to give admission to Sahil.

Anika gets angry, Priyanka gets tensed seeing ACP’s call and forces her to meet him.

ANika gets to know that Shivaye has done Shivaye’s admission in a big school.

Anika goes to confront Shivaye, she asks why didn’t she tell her about all this.

Anika says that school fees is 50 lakh how will she return the money, she says I will have to find job.

Anika asks Shivaye what she has done that he is not talking to her properly.

Anika, Om Rudra sees Tia enjoying with Robin in swimming pool. 

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