Future Story Twist In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Show Anika's (Surbhi Chandna) tear brings Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) back to life in ishqbaaz

Lots of emotional drama will unfold between Pinky and Anika post Shivaay’s shot drama in Star Plus show Ishqbaaz.

As per the track, Pinky throws Anika out from hospital and warns her never try to meet Shivaay.

Doctor finds Shivaay’s heart beta in stop while Aniak feels as Shivaay is in danger and she avoids Pinly’s orders and enters in hospital.

Anika requests Pinky let her meet to Shivaay for a time and dadi ask Pinky let her go.

Anika forces Shivaay to wake up as he cannot go away like this and her tears falls on his cheeks.

Shivaay gets conscious and Anika is surprised seeing tear connection between them while doctor announces as Shivaay is out of danger now.

Dadi tells Pinky that Aniak was only who believes that Shivaay will be fine because Aniak is his wife as a wife trust cannot go wrong.

Pinky gets insecure seeing Anika’s connection with Shivaay and asks Anika to go away from Shivaay’s life.

Anika promises to Pinky never return in Shivaay's life

Anika agrees Pinky’s words and leaves hospital while Pinky asks security guards to watch carefully as Anika would not enter in hospital again.

moreover, Anika feels as Shivaay is calling her but get stopped recalling Pinky’s words and find securities in hospital.

Will Pinky realizes as Shivaay and Anika made for each other?

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