In Naagin 2 Shivangi and Rocky's love power ....

In Colors Show Naagin 2 Shivangi (Mouni Roy) seeks Seshnag's help saving Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) from Mahishasur 

The upcoming episode of Colors fiction drama Naagin 2 will show high voltage action packed episode.

Anky's slave Mahishasur has come to Raheja house as Mahish, Mahish is adamant to kill Rocky taking revenge from Rocky.

Shivangi is against Mahish as he is protecting evil over good, Shivangi and Mahish also had argument over it but Mahish has some other plans.

Mahish attempts to kill Rocky and injures him deadly, Rocky is stuck amid life and dead seeing which Shivangi is shattered.

Shivangi and Rocky's love power 

Shivangi takes Rocky to Seshnag and seeks his help getting Rocky's life safe, Seshnag uses his Naagmani power to help Rocky.

Seshnag also instruct Shivangi to pray for Rocky from Lord Shiva to give back Rocky's life and says that only her love power can save Rocky now.

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