This is What Happened In Colors Bigg Boss 10

In Bigg Boss 10 had all the drama that the reality TV show’s viewers long for. In fact, it went a step further with one member getting into a physical fight with another, providing more fodder for Salman Khan to comment on this weekend. Bani Judge and Lopamudra Raut stooped to a new low as the former kicked the latter and the house was a chaotic mess. 
Bani-Lopa fight

In the course of their conversation during the luxury budget task of Rohan’s team (where Bani is a customer care executive), Lopa asks Bani bluntly: why does she carry so much hatred towards her. If that wasn’t enough, she makes a reference to Bani’s mother and that’s what triggered Bani’s anger. Lopa said, “Apki mom ke sath jo hua aap hamesha us ko ek auzaar ki tarha use karti ho logo ki sympathy gain karne k liye. She also says Bani had taken several ‘injections’ to enhance her beauty and called her fake. At the onset, everyone tried to stop Bani from hurting Lopa. However, later they were seen discussing how Lopa stopped at nothing to irritate Bani and that’s what triggered the latter’s anger. Talking to Monalisa and Manveer Gujjar, Manu Punjabi commented that Lopa was talking rubbish about Bani’s mother & that it was natural for her to react violently. Nitibha told Bani that Lopa was the culprit in the fight. Rohan too was seen telling Lopa that she should not have brought Bani’s mother into the conversation.

Manu tells Bani she was not a good friend to Gaurav Chopra
During the task, Manu says to  Bani that her treatment of Gaurav was just not right. He added that she often cooked for herself without bothering about Gaurav, who kept waiting for others. He added how she even bitched about him.
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