In Life Ok's Rangeela begs Shivani.....

In Life Ok's  Ghulam  Shivani's (Niti Taylor) help for Rangeela (Param Singh) in-debted him for life long 

The upcoming episode of Life OK's newbie show Ghulam will show major drama amid Rangeela (Param Singh) and Shivani (Niti Taylor).

Ghulam has managed to get audiences huge love within the two weeks if it's telecast and has become number one show on Life Ok with trp rating of 0.8.

The story of the show seems quite different and connecting, while the upcoming track will get more interesting.

Shivani is taking up all tortures in Behrampur as she is stuck with Veer although she isn't ready to give up and accept Veer as her husband.

Rangeela and Shivani's new story 

Rangeela's close friend suffers amid life and death and needs O+ blood group which is same as Shivani.

Rangeela begs Shivani to donate blood to his friend, Shivani agrees to do it for Rangeela as she loves him.

Rangeela gets in-debted by Shivani's favor on him, thus a new twist will enter the story. 
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