Mindblowing Twist Ahead In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Tv's Beyhadh  Samay makes grasp plan for killing Maya (Jennifer Winget)-Arjun's (Kushal Tandon) infant

Sony tv’s romantic mystery Beyhadh will witness unexpected twist and turns in the approaching track .

Samay forces Maya to satisfy her and whilst she comes to meet him then she receives bowled over seeing the ornament in room and Samaya in groom apparel.

Samaya forces Maya to get prepared as bride as he desires to spend first night time with her submit marriage.

Samay gets romantic with Maya

At first Maya refuses however then she has to do as Samay says because if she will not do so then Samay will tell Arjun the whole thing approximately her evil deeds.

So Maya gets  geared up as bride and Samay receives romantic together with her, he makes Maya drink juice and when she beverages it then he reveals that he blended abortion remedy in juice to kill her toddler, Maya gets greatly surprised.

It may be thrilling to look that whether Maya will be capable of keep her toddler or now not.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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