Abhi and Munni's search for Pragya In Zee Tv's KumKum Bhagya a

The forthcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya is up for some new drama.
Abhi shows his right over Munni and finds awkward over how Munni is behaving and bends down infront of her.
Munni can't see Abhi in such shattered state and thus asks Abhi to not do it and decides to unveil her identity.
Munni unveils that she isn't Pragya but Munni, how Aliya and Tanu threatened her to befool him.
Abhi gets furious at Tanu and Aliya but Munni stops him as her children is under their clutches and decides behave normal infront of them.
Munni and Abhi thus decides to do this drama and on other hand gets in action to find Pragya.
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