Evil Tanjea Pulls His Cheap Trick Against Ishita Raman In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In the forthcoming chapter of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, soon viewers will get to know that Taneja had be-fooled Ishita and Raman.
The truth that Taneja interpreted to Raman and Ishita was not true but it was portrayed to be-fool Ishita.
Evil Taneja has lied to Ishita to hide Mani’s alive truth and precede his plan.
Mani’s murder mystery is not yet solved but the secrecy has started to unfold its interesting twists and turns.
Yes the truth is not this that Taneja revealed but the truth is this that Mani’s is not died but he is alive and safe in Taneja’s kidnapping trap.
In the forthcoming chapter the truth will come out soon with Mani’s re-entry in the show.
It would be enthralling to watch as how Raman and Ishita will face major havoc after Mani’s alive entry.
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