Furious Tanu Snatches Dupatta From Rishi In Kasam Tere Pyaar ki

In Colors tv love saga Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will witness a lot of twist and turns in the forthcoming track.
Abhi &  Rishi fights with each other over groom dupatta, Abhi takes the dupatta and Rishi tries to snatch the dupatta from him.
They both indulge in a heated argument for the dupatta and they both fights like kids for the dupatta.
Just then Tanuja comes there &  sees them fighting like this, she gets annoyed and lashes out at them for skirmishing for dupatta like kids.
Abhi and Rishi stops fighting, they blame each other for commencement the fight so then Tanuja asks them to shut up.
Tanuja snatch dupatta from them & then she asks them to leave, Rishi-Abhi goes from there.

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