Maya Takes Kanta Bai Avtaar to Flee From Jail In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In the forthcoming episode of Beyhadh, Maya willbecome Kanta Bai for jail.
According To Storyline Maya traps a fake Asthma attack case and gets admitted to hospital.
Meanwhile she makes plan to flee off from jail for revenging Arjun.
in the middle of she executes her plan, the brave jailor comes and catches Maya red-handed.
additional Jailor brings Maya back to jail and forcefully insists her to wash clothes.
Not one cloth but Maya gets clothes of every prisoner that she will have to wash as her punishment.
furthermore the jailor warns Maya that she should not dare to flee off from jail or else she will have to get punishment more than this.
It would be interesting to watch Maya's new kanta bai avatar in jail being punished for fleeing off from jail.

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