WTF Ishita saved by Param, Mani returns back alive In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for most interesting twist.
Mani's murder mystery will get resolved soon, Taneja had kidnapped Ishita and threatens to kill her while Raman is restless.
Raman couldn't reach Taneja at the same time as here comes Param who will for change turns helpful for Raman this time.
Param will turn optimistic &  will save Ishita from Taneja's clutches and not only this he will reveal Mani being alive.
Taneja and Ashok was together in their mission to kill Mani and trap Raman in thus case as they are against Raman over business rivalry.
Param will turn savior and will save Ishita and Mani both, Simmi, Raman and Bhalla family will be happy seeing Ishita safe.
Mani's fake murder mystery will also get solved,
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