#Zeetv #kumkumbhagya Pragya therefore manuipulates Aaliya & Tanu In Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

In ZEE TV's well admired show Kumkum Bhagya will now show some funny drama of Pragya which will kneel Aaliya and Tanu's deadly conspiracy against Disha.Pragya is helpless and scared as if Aaliya will kill Disha together with her poisonous assault...Within the intervening time, Pragya gets a awesome concept to forestall Aaliya.
Pragya learns that Aaliya is a good deal scared as though all people can seize her blending poison in Disha's juice.
Pragya makes use of her weak point in opposition to Aaliya and Tanu and flops their plan.
Pragya therefore manuipulates Aaliya &  Tanu...
Pragya confesses Aaliya that if Disha will die then Poilce will get Aaliya's finger print on glass and Tanu who continually help Aaliya will even get trapped.
Pragya scares Aaliya and Tanu over criminal tag and make them trust that their plan will lure them in their personal conspiracy.
Pragya's superb idea works and Aaliya, Tanu cancels their plan to kill Disha.

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