Aditya and Jhanvi's conflict over Samar In Zee Tv's Woh Apna Sa

The forthcoming chapter of Zee TV's popular daily soap Woh Apna Sa is up for some new drama.
Jhanvi is making all tries to go far from Aditya's existence so that Aditya can get toward Nisha.
Nisha had effectively trapped Jhanvi in her blood cancer entice and thus Jhanvi is doing all this to fulfill her closing wish.
Jhanvi now accepts Samar's business inspiration and concurs to paintings with him, Aditya is astonished seeing this.
Aditya has warned Jhanvi to live far from Samar after the accusation incident however Jhanvi's this step hurts Aditya.
Jhanvi now spends night in office with Samar for some business work and this gets Aditya more troubled.
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