Anami plans to change DNA reports In Star Plus Show Rishton Ka Chakrvyuh

The forthcoming chapter of daily soap Rishton Ka Chakravyuh on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.
Anami happy as Baldev agrees for DNA test,she makes master plan against Satrupa so that she can return to Banaras.
Anami decides to change real DNA reports with fake DNA reports so that it gets proved that Satrupa is not her mother and she can go to Banaras.
But Satrupa plunder her plan by bringing real DNA reports to Laal Mahal,she proves that Anami is her daughter.
everybody gets stunned but then they accept her, Pujan gets irked seeing all this.
Pujan thinks that he will have to send Anami to the same place where he send Vatsalya then only his sone will become the heir of Laal Mahal’s property.
It will be interesting to see that whether Satrupa will be able to save Anami or not.

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