Avni's Love Confession Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In the forthcoming track of Star Plus show Naamkaran viewers will get to witness interesting twist.It was earlier seen that Neil was desperately waiting for Avni to confess her real feelings of love.
on the other hand, things took an ugly turn with Juhi’s entry in Neil and Avni’s life.
In spite of Neil warning Avni, Avni still decides to enter Rang Mahal to rescue Juhi.
Avni thus reveals to Neil that she is very much sure that Neil and Juhi’s past will not affect their present married life.
Neil gets relieved with Avni’s this confession.
Further as Balu kidnaps Avni, Avni reveals that her love cum husband Neil will definitely comes to rescue her.
Neil gets overwhelmed on hearing Avni’s love confession but at the same time feels helpless for not being able to rescue Avni.
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