Chakor and Sooraj's dramatic separation In Colors Show Udaan

The forthcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is up for some new drama and suspense.Chakor &  Sooraj are residing away from each other and bearing ache, Chakor misunderstands Sooraj for looking to kill her.
Sooraj is attempting to find Chakor but Chakor is going for walks faraway from him as Imli had created misunderstanding amid them.
Chakor recollects her Sooraj and imagines that she met Sooraj in market and each stocks some true moments together.
Chakor is going on the manner and stumbles and become about to fall however Sooraj saves her and thus Chakor unveils her being pregnant to Sooraj.
Chakor unveils that she is pregnant and can be becoming mother in their child.
Sooraj hugs Chakor and takes out knife and stabs Chakor, Chakor is astonished seeing this, while it was all Chakor's dream.

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