Jhanvi and Maya's face off, Jhanvi sacrifice life In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Beyhadh is going to show some major death drama.
Maya gets dangerous and returns to spoil Arjun and Saanjh's wedding ceremony, Maya is ready to cross any limit.
Maya thus sets a deadly trap to kill Saanjh amid wedding ceremony and thus makes full proof trap.
at the same time as Jhanvi gets hint of Maya's trap over Jhanvi &  thus gets in action to save her daughter Saanjh from evil Maya.
Jhanvi will sacrifice her life to save Saanjh from Maya's attack, Maya will herself be shocked seeing that Jhanvi got killed instead of Saanjh.
Jhanvi will also gets devastated, while Jhanvi proves her love for Saanjh and goes against Maya.

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