Maya's Major Move In Arjun Saanjh's Wedding In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony tv’s romantic thriller Beyhadh will witness high voltage drama as Saanjh will call off her wedding with Arjun in the upcoming track.
Arjun &  Saanjh’s marriage day has finally arrived and Arjun makes Saanjh ready as beautiful bride.
Arjun does Saanjh’s make up and receives romantic together with her at the same time as making her geared up in bride attire.
Arjun kisses her forhead after which makes her put on jewelry, subsequently Saanjh gets prepared and she or he seems extraordinarily lovely in bridal apparel.
Afterward all of us gathers for his or her wedding and Arjun-Saanjh sits in the mandup just then Saanjh receives a video message by Maya.
Saanjh receives stunned seeing it and then she calls off her wedding ceremony with Arjun, Arjun gets angry hear
It will be interesting to see that what Arjun will do now.

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