Minblowing Twist Ahead In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki

In Colors tv love saga Kasam Tere Pyar Ki will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.
Rano gets really furious when she gets to know that Rishi wants to bring Tanuja back along with Natasha.
Even Naitra gets irked to know all this, therefore Rano-Naitra sits together &  thinks that how will they stop Tanuja from returning in Rishi’s life.
Rano and Naitra decide to seek ABhishek’s help in separating Rishi and Tanuja this time.
So they goes to meet Abhishek &  asks him to support them in separating Rishi-Tanuja because if he will do so then he will get his love Tanuja and Naitra will get her love Rishi.
Abhishek agrees to support them and now they will not let Rishi-Tanuja unite.

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