Neela finds about Amol's evil intentions of killing Avni-Neil In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In Star plus daily soap Naamakran will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.
Neela turns distrustful towards Amol post seeing his weird behaviour, she feels that there is something fishy.
consequently she decides to keep an eye over Amol so that she can find out the truth.
in conclusion Neela gets to know that Amol still hates Avni and he is still supporting Dayaben in her every evil move.
Neela gets stunned to know that Amol-Dayaben tried to kill Neil and now Amol-Dayaben are trying to kill Avni.
She says to  all this to Neil and Avni, they get shocked.
It will be interesting to see that what Neil-Avni will do now.
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