Parth stuck amid Teni and Shorvori and Betrays Shorvi In Dil Se Dil Tak

In Colors Dil Se Dil Tak is up for some new drama where Shorvori plans to keep Parth closer to herself.
Shorvori is annoyed that Parth and Teni are coming closer and thus wants to recreate love moments with Parth.
Shorvori thus plans a romantic date with Parth at the same time as all family members are also gone out of house.
Teni is alone at house and gets locked in her room, Teni lights some candles which catches fire.
Teni is stuck in fire breakout while she calls Parth and he gets shocked hearing thus, Parth is in dilemma what to do.
Parth thus ditches Shorvori and escapes from date location to save Teni from fire breakout.

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