Real Reason behind Seperation Of Nikhil Pooja Revealed In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

The current storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is unfolding an interesting track with a new entry in the show.
According To Storyline , Nikhil's ex-wife Pooja (Hritu Didani) has entered the storyline.
Nikhil &  Ruhi have fallen in love amid which Pooja's entry has spiced up their love story.
Till now it was believed that Nikhil has left Pooja because Nikhil didn't wanted a baby girl from Pooja when she was pregnant.
Thus Pooja's understanding for Nikhil has made everybody believe that Nikhil was an evil guy who left Pooja for money.
But the fact and truth that Pooja unveiled is all wrong and fake.
As we updated earlier Pooja will break Nikhil and Ruhi's wedding.
Nikhil's truth is covered where soon the real truth behind Nikhil and Pooja's separation will be revealed.
Not Nikhil but Pooja left Nikhil for money, fame and royalty, thus Nikhil is innocent and still want to unite with his family but Pooja's evil interruption made Nikhil evil.
Lets see how this truth will unfold an interesting track.

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