Shivaay Anika To Face New Challange In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Show Anika &  Shivaaye get prepared for their next challenge, but before that Anika tries to convince Shivaaye to forget his mother’s deeds as she heard her mother feeling sorrowful because of Shivaaye’s rejection towards her.
Anika &  Shivaye take delivery of their third challenge given by Dadi to live the lives of their partners which they lived before gathering with each other.
Shivaye Gets two hundred bugs to spend one full day with Anika in the chawl where she lived before.
Tej tries to reveal his identity &  also desires the police to know that he is trapped, but Svetlana bails Tej before he could speak to the police.
Tej now becomes furious against Svetlana &  yelled upon her, afterward Tej made Svetlana unconscious and plans for the next.

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