Tanuja’s drastic step bowled over Rishi Abhi In Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

In Colors most romantic love saga Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is one by one unfolding major drama.
Rishi and Tanuja’s destiny is bringing them close while Abhishek is interned to be villain amid them.
After understanding fact that Natasha is Rishi’s daughter, Rishi has beging his task to get Natasha lower back.
At the side of this Abhishek is irked with Rishi and accordingly turns revengeful towards him.
Tanuja’s drastic step bowled over Rishi Abhi
Moving beforehand Rishi &  Abhishek are grew to become revengeful in opposition to every other…
within the period in-between Tanuja is bored to death of Rishi and Abhishek’s conflict and consequently confronts both.
Tanuja is in dilemma to choose Abhi or Rishi while Natasha’s future is getting affected over these clash.

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