WTF Avni’s rash driving hits Ali In Star Plus Naamkaran

In the forthcoming episode of Naamkaran viewers will get to shocking twist with Ali’s death breaking Avni.
Neil and his entire team along with DD will head to locate Ali tricking Avni.
Avni is not ready to leave Neil alone and wants to accompany Neil in his mission.
Neil cannot risk Avni’s life and thus ties her up at home and leaves.
Smart Avni manages to rescue self and follows Neil via her own car.
While driving suddenly Avni dashes a guy and he falls across her car.
Avni gets shocked to witness Ali while Neil also reaches the same place where both Neil and Avni break down seeing Ali dead.
Ali will be seen bleeding copiously.
Who killed Ali?
Is Ali really dead or is this also a plan made by Daya and Amol to trick Neil and Avni?
Will Avni land behind bars for rash driving and attempt to kill Ali?

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