WTF Now Murder Twist Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus love drama Ishqbaaz will wtiness high voltage drama as murder twist will bring a lot of twist and turns in the forthcoming track.
Shivaay &  Rudra gets happy as India wins the match so in order to celebrate India’s victory they go to pub.
Shivaay &  Rudra gets drunk their and dances happily then they sees two girls and thinks that Anika and Bhavya have come there.
Shivaay and Rudra dances with the two girls thoughts that they are Bhavya-Anika.
afterward they wakes up in the morning in Oberoi mansion and sees girl lying down unconscious on their bed, they get tensed thinking that the girl is dead.
The girl is actually not dead in fact she also got drunk last night therefore she is lying unconscious on bed and red wine has fallen over her body so Rudra-Shivaay thinks that someone has murdered her.
Just then Anika &  Bhavya enter the room &  Rudra-Shivaay attempts to hide the girl; Anika-Bhavya feels that there is something fishy.
Daadi enters the room with the same girl whom Shivaay-Rudra was thinking to be dead so when they see the girl then they get reliefed as the girl is alive.

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