Juhi will also be seen cracking Neil and Avni’s love life In Naamkaran

In Star Plus Loving show Naamkaran Neil and Avni’s separation Dobara’ had once again shed Fans tears with the flow of emotions and lot of queries from Makers…No doubt Star Plus popular show Naamkaran had made viewers’ their avid fans and is ongoing making viewers’ hook to the show.
After facing lot of hurdles, Dayawanti, Ragini Pandit, and now at last but not least Juhi…Neil and Avni in the end confessed their love.
But it seems that Neil and Avni will must face lots extra drastic havoc then in advance with Juhi’s villain collection.
The avid enthusiasts of Naamkaran were in wish that Makers will truely display Neil and Avni’s romantic music after Dayawanti’s end…but Makers have in go back disillusioned lovers.
Juhi is now turning spoilsport in Neil and Avni’s grooming love in which inside the coming track Avni will misunderstand Neil and Juhi’s love..
With this major drama coming soon Neil and Avni’s separation will once again put forth major turning point in the story.
And now really sick with the separation track, Fans are hoping that the Makers will soon bring new storyline with Neil and Avni’s love story.

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