Maya's deadly game begins Seperation ahead In Sony Tv Beyhadh

The coming most thrilling track of Beyhadh will show Maya’s more intense mayajaal for Arjun and Saanjh.Arjun (Kushal Tandon) is very desperate to kill Maya (Jennifer Winget) but before he could do this Maya trapped him in her mayajaal.
Arjun and Saanjh google-eyed as Maya trapped them heinously and signs drastic deal…
Maya thus turns Arjun and Saanjh’s surrogate mother.
In the approaching episode Arjun and Saanjh themselves welcome Maya back in their house.
What is the reason behind Maya’s return…is well aware to all of us…Maya has now become more powerful after returning in Arjun and Saanjh’s life.
Now it will be worth the watch how Maya will separate Arjun and Saanjh.
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