Minblowing Twist in Colors Kasam Tere Pyar Ki

 In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki of Color’s TV will show some interesting turn of events in its forthcoming episodes.According To Storyline , Rishi doubts about Tanuja and Abhishek’s marital status, hence he does some spying.
Rishi is relieved because it receives confirmed from Natasha’s faculty details that she is his daughter.
Extra, Rishi also receives to realize that Netra knew about this fact however she hid it from him.
Rishi bursts out at Netra for mendacity to him & unscrambling him and Tanuja.
Netra gets tensed wondering what if Rishi receives to realize about the complete truth about their mattress scene that forced Tanuja to leave.
Rishi decides to win the custody case anyways in order that he can get returned Tanuja in his life.
On the day of hearing, Rishi forbids Rano from coming to court leaving Rano & Netra shocked.
Will he manage to win the case and get Tanuja back in his life?
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