Neil glad to witness Shweta accepted Avni wholeheartedly in Star Plus Naamkaran

In the forthcoming chapter of Star Plus show Naamkaran viewers will get to see Avni heading towards Aisha’s grave.Avni will be seen pouring her heart out and enlighten about her revenge with Dayavanti.Avni will also enlighten about how Amol supported her during her tough time proving Aman is Aisha’s son.
On the other hand, Neil will be seen pacifying broken Avni and makes an eternal promise to always stand with Avni.
Avni gets overwhelmed finding Neil’s support always in time of need.
On the other side, Shweta gets happy to see Neil and Avni back together.
Neil also gets happy to see Shweta welcoming Avni who has accepted her wholeheartedly.
furthermore, Shweta calls for a special makeup artist to get Avni ready for the party.
Shweta has planned to get Avni and Neil remarried which surprises Neela too.
Neela too is very happy for Avni and wants to see her happy always.
Will Neil and Avni get remarried happily without any twist?
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