Neil kiss Avni followed by passionate hug In Star Plus Naamkaran

In Star Plus’ show Naamkaran will showcase beautiful and romantic moment in the middle of Neil &  Avni.As the entire evilness has come to an end, viewers will get to witness Neil and Avni’s romantic moments ahead.Avni will thus be seen taking Neil on date where they met each other the very first time at suicide point.
In the very beginning it was seen that Neil had saved Avni thinking that she has come to commit suicide.
Avni &  Neil will recall their past nokh jhok moment &  how they turned best friends and now love each other eternally.
Avni will additional bend down on her knees proposing Neil for wedding.
Neil will happily accept Avni’s marriage proposal and kiss her hand with love.
Neil will fervently hug Avni and once again Avni will slip off but Neil will save Avni.
Does that mean Neil and Avni will lead a happy life ahead?
Well time will let us know, what destiny has planned for Neil and Avni’s future?
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