Shakti-Pinky, Tej-Jhanvi and Mill Secret Out In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus daily show Ishqbaaz is keeping viewers glued with interesting twist and turns in the continuing track.It was earlier seen Anika has lastly learnt that Shivaay is faking memory loss drama.
Anika is reassured and Shivaay is also happy to get his support cum life line back.
Anika &  Shivaay thus join hands to open out the Kalyani Mills history cum truth together.
Shakti-Pinky, Tej-Jhanvi was present in the Mill at the time of fire break out.
As per the rumours spread it’s revealed that Oberoi’s purposely did the same to get the insurance money.
Does that mean Shakti-Pinky and Tej-Jhanvi is guilty of the same risking thousands of innocent people’s lives?
Will Shivaay and Anika risk Oberoi’s prestige to unfold the reality?
Is Abhay (Avinash Mishra) one if the victim who lost his entire family in this dreadful tragedy?
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