Sherlin take advantage of Preeta and Karan’s intimate photos In Kundali Bhagya

In ZEE TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya viewers will get to witness interesting twist in tale with Karan and Preeta once again coming close to each other.It was earlier seen that Preeta has learnt about Sherlin faking her love for Rishabh while involved with an important person else.
Preeta has learnt about Sherlin’s conspiracies and has alerted Karan about the same.
Karan initially refuses to believe Preeta but later starts trusting Preeta witnessing Sherlin’s two timing with Rishabh and her ex husband. Karan and Preeta’s eye romance
In the forthcoming episode, Preeta will be seen taking care of Karan while he will be seen dying with shoulder pain.
Preeta will insist to treat Karan while Karan will be seen refusing to allow Preeta to touch his body.
in the middle of this fight Preeta and Karan will fall off on his bed &  the duo will lock their eyes.
Sherlin will witness Karan and Preeta in compromising position & will capture them.
Will Sherlin take advantage of Preeta and Karan’s intimate photos to defame Preeta?
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