Amol and Avni's emotional moment, Amol targets Avni In Star Plus Naamkaran

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some high voltage drama.
Avni is already in trouble as she is in her new mission to prove Ali's innocence in Ria's kidnapping accusation.
Neil isn't always geared up to take Avni's aspect &  guard Ali as he us a police officer and needs to reach to the intensity of the truth.
At the equal time as all this chaos is going in in Avni's Life , Amol &  Daya aren't going to live silent &  plans to kill Avni.
Amol hires a contract killer to kill Avni by way of capturing her, Amol pretends to show faux love and the contract killer become About to shot Avni.
Neil reaches in the nick of the nick and rescues Avni,
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