New Twist In Coming Episode Of Sony Tv's Beyhadh

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Beyhadh is going to show some intense drama.
Maya isn't going to get defeated whilst Arjun and Saanjh's love is likewise not prepared to just accept defeat.
Arjun and Saanjh's love seems to win over Maya's evilness and as a result Saanjh might be safe from Maya's evilness.
Arjun and Saanjh's wedding day eventually arrives and Maya is stressed as she cannot permit Arjun and Saanjh get married.
Arjun and Saanjh's love and friendship wins but Maya may not let them win over her madness and Beyhadh love for Arjun.
Maya will come to Arjun and Saanjh's wedding in disguised avatar and will set Arjun and Saanjh's wedding mandap on fire to stop their wedding.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates of Sony Tv's Beyhadh

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