Bepannah 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh Supports Anjana

Bepannah 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh Supports Anjana

Bepannah 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh Supports Anjana

Bepannah 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh Supports Anjana
The crows begin to start cawing the moment Zoya Siddiqui turns to go. She runs inside.
Zoya Siddiqui comes running inside the house and notices everyone is coughing badly. They all pass out. Aditya Hooda passes out right in front of Zoya Siddiqui. She tries to wake him up but in vain. Anjana comes there as well. She is shocked seeing her family’s condition. What happened to them? She calls Doctor.

Victor gives water to Anjana. She makes Harsh drink some of it. Doctor comes in with his team just then. Doc checks Aditya Hooda. Zoya Siddiqui’s phone beeps. She looks at everyone worriedly. Everyone is given an injection. Doctor tells Zoya Siddiqui her husband is conscious now. There is no need to worry. Zoya Siddiqui cries hugging Aditya Hooda. Are you fine? He nods. Guests ask Anjana if they were called here to be given poison. Whose death anniversary were. we really celebrating? Aditya Hooda looks at everyone.
Zoya Siddiqui wonders who this person who wants to destroy her is. I am not even united with my family yet whereas this person is already trying to create a rift. Who is it!

Anjana tells Arjun she has interest in talking to Aditya Hooda. He is only looking at one side of the story. I will talk to you. Aditya Hooda tells her she is saying a lost without really saying it. you are pointing at Zoya Siddiqui without even taking Zoya Siddiqui’s name! Why are you blaming her for everything? He tells Arjun he has asked Victor to check the food item which was expired. Doc said it was food poisoning. This is why it happens. It was unintentional though. Anjana taunts that someone is blaming Zoya Siddiqui whenever she is up to something but it is intentional whenever someone else goes wrong. Aditya Hooda gives up on her. Zoya Siddiqui takes the blame. She apologizes to Anjana.
Trust me, I dint do this intentionally. Anjana tells her not to talk to her. You cannot trap me with your innocent face and sweet talks. I am not under any doubt. I am sure you have come here to seek revenge. Aditya Hooda tells her to be careful with her next words or the matter will aggravate. Harsh tells Aditya Hooda not to aggravate the matter this time. Your mother isn’t right. We all saw what happened. She has a right to question. Aditya Hooda agrees she has a right to question but she cannot blame Zoya Siddiqui. Harsh reasons that Zoya Siddiqui made all the arrangements. Who else will she question? He turns to Zoya Siddiqui. You wanted a chance to rectify your mistake but another mistake happened. It is called a crime if you repeat your mistakes again and again! She apologizes to him teary eyed. Aditya Hooda turns to say something but Harsh suggests him not to speak in favour of his wife. Don’t blame Anjana after today as she was the only one who dint take Prasad. Aditya Hooda says when I said so. Harsh asks Anjana to come. Anjana clears to everyone that she herself will make preps for Navratri puja.

I cannot trust anyone. Arjun insists Bhabhi dint give poison to anyone. Why would she add it intentionally? Zoya Siddiqui stops him. I only want peace in the house but something goes wrong in this house every other day. I don’t deserve another chance. I can only ask for apology. Anjana walks inside. Zoya Siddiqui requests Harsh to trust her but he too walks away upset. Zoya Siddiqui goes as well.

Zoya Siddiqui is doing something when Aditya Hooda enters with a plate of food. She tells him she isn’t hungry and offers him medicines. He tells her he dint bring it for her. She says sorry to him. I thought that. He says I knew you weren’t hungry but I had to eat it so I can take medicines. I am ill so I need to eat. Please feed me. She smiles sweetly understanding his tactic. She feeds him food. He tells her she is breaking her vow of keeping him happy and of never hurting him. How will I be happy if you aren’t? She tells him that she has already broken the vows. I have hurt you since I have come to this house. I am hurting everyone. He tells her it is her stomach that’s hurting and hungry. He feeds her a bite and points out that she was indeed hungry. I knew it. She apologizes to him mentally for hiding the truth from him. I am breaking another vow. But I am sure you will understand once everything is sorted. Aditya Hooda vows to find out who the real culprit it. She tells him to let it go. Doc said it was food poisoning. Ma will be fine too with time. He asks her if she is sure. Ma wont let go so easily as far as I know her. She convinces him out of the idea of chasing the culprit.

Zoya Siddiqui thinks the mystery guy shouldn’t know you know anything about this. I cannot let you get hurt. Aditya Hooda adds that they have been fighting, cribbing in the past but they love each other now. We will continue to do this in future. She nods. Always. He tells her that this is what life is all about. Our kids will support me in the future fights. She asks him about it. They happily start talking about kids. He pulls her closer. Her phone beeps just when they are about to kiss. She looks at the phone instead of him. He says sorry to her. I don’t want to force you. I cannot say I came to cheer you up. She apologizes to him but he tells her he has entire life. I am in no rush but I do want all those kids. He excuses himself on the pretext of bringing water. Zoya Siddiqui feels bad but her phone starts ringing. She tells caller to be beware of God’s wrath. They both argue as to what they want to achieve, The lady tells Zoya Siddiqui to abide by her next order but Zoya Siddiqui refuses. I am not your puppet. You can do whatever you want. I wont do it. She ends the call. The lady is pleased that Zoya Siddiqui is exactly where she wanted her to be. Don’t know what all traps she will fall in now. Zoya Siddiqui is not so sure about what she did.

Precap: Anjana gives money to a guy. Make sure this matter is never dug again. Zoya Siddiqui watches them from far. Anjana gives Zoya Siddiqui their ancestral saree. Zoya Siddiqui collides with something and a bottle falls down. It is of that poison. Zoya Siddiqui connects the dots.

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